Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 download

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 download

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 FULL Portable

Adobe Photoshop CC complete solution for professional digital imaging that includes the most advanced tools for working with images and new creative vazmozhnostiidei thatcan significantly improve performance.

Edit images with exceptional accuracy use a new intuitive tools and workflows for creating three-dimensional graphics,two-dimensional projects and movies.

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop CC

Amendments intelligentobjects

Save links to external files by automatically packaging them in a directory. You can also convert existing embedded smart objects related umniobekti.

Improved layer Comps

Save time working with layers, because now you can changevisibility, position, or display in one layer, then spread zmianywszystkie another layer of the composition. In addition, you can see the attributes of the individual layers of thecomposition and to switch between songs layers Smart objects.

Filters motion blur

usecycle blur effect to add blur along the contour and blurring effect until vartitesazdavane round or oval blur. The mechanism Mercury Playback Engine allows you to use all filters blur even faster.

Areas of focus mask

letPhotoshop help start mask automatically select focus areas of the image. Tofunkcja is great for portraits and other pictures with shallow depth of field and the mechanism Mercury Graphics Engine providesfast processing of such images.

Improved technology Content-Aware

New technology prilozhenainstrumentite”Filling the contents of consciousness”, “Moving Content-Aware” and “content-based patch” mix gently gradient fill in the field (eg Sky), so you can achieve the best results organic and realistic.

More effective “fast” drivers

Forget about the needTo align multiple forms or objects with the exact odległościod each other in the workspace. Now the distance between objects can be seen in pixels, for a moreprecise pozitsioniranesadarzhanie.

Fonts desktop in Typekit library

Select the desiredfont library Typekit, synchronize them with your computer and immediately start working with them in the font menu in Photoshop. Even Photoshop will automatically replace missing fonts in the document.

Search fonts

Search by name fonts and instantly see your lover.

zaawansowaneOferujethree-dimensional printing

Now you can see exactly what and how Photoshop puts korigirana3D-network, making it easy to adapt the applicationof design in 3D modeling other suppliers. More accurate interpretations of their models before printing with precise display of visualization(WYSIWYG). Use the support of more three-dimensional printers and service providers such seals.

Improvements in the technology of Adobe Generator

Simplify the process of naming pracyGenerator content and flexible organization of production by setting default valueswhich refers to tseliyadokument, and the ability to determine subfolders exported materials. Generator offersnew APIs so developers can create even more powerful plug-ins.

Improvements in Adobe Camera Raw 8

Thanks to the improvements in this module better accuracy of the image,eliminate perspective distortion and create vignettes. In addition, access to interactive histogram previews material before and after the changes, and many others.

improved poddrazhkaza work with the pen in Windows

They enjoy the ability to quickly and easilyIt works with a pen for devices with Windows and provides a smooth brush strokesby recording samples of higher frequency.

Enhanced support mechanism Mercury Graphics Engine

Upsample images up to 15 times faster (depending on file size and configuration of the graphics card) andMechanism of Mercury Graphics Engine now provides increased performance OpenCL. this mehanizamToy be used to support new filters ruchuplama, and the function of the mask areas of focus.


New customization options that allow you to evaluate newFeatures in Photoshop and help in their development before theyare officially introduced to the product.

Intelligent upsampling, even faster

Increasing the image is low resolution for use in print, or start with a larger image size billboard or board. functionZoom allows you to record nivodetaylnost and sharpness and remove noise, and now thanks to increasing productivity OpenCL, due to the use of mercury graphics engine, you can see the results immediately.

improved flows

improvedFeatures of the app allows you to increase the speed and convenience. Now you have accessto an expanded color bar and the list of recently used brushes, features synchronization settings and shortcuts environment and the ability to customize a menu work with “Nastroykasinhronizatsiya”etc.

And many more

It also includes support for many dużychPliki PNG; 3D color coding tables; new video formats including Sony and Canon RAW, and many others.

Features of version:

Portable version of the software that does not require installation.

Combined distribution of 32/64-bitcolor depth with a choice.

Treatmentis carried out.

Camera Raw

To run the program with administrative rights!

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