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Batman: Arkham Knight Arkham the award-winning trilogy

Rocksteady Studios conclusion epic. Designed specifically for

The new -Gen Batman: ArkhamKnight to Rocksteady

The unique design of the Batmobile. Long-awaited

In addition to this legendary vehicle with renowned game

Game deArkhamSeries, offers the player the best and complete

ExperienceBatman as they tear through the streets and hover over

skyline of Gotham City. In this final blow,

Batman threat best city he vows

To protect a ScarecrowReturned criminals of Gotham unite Super

And destroy Batman Forever

Get Batman – Batman Live experience all Dark Knight

A final part of Arkham Trilogy Rocksteady.Spieler

wiluitgegroeid detective largest world like never before with

OfferBatmobile and improve trademark

A Freeflow combat, stealth, forensics and Navigation

Use of the Batmobile – the Batmobile is brought to life

Design completely new and original Have clear visual

Rance and a full range of high-tech equipment on board.Design for

Mobile fully in the world and capable of transformation

High speed level military battle mode, this

The vehicle is located in the heart of the design of the game and allow

Players tear through road speedincredible in pursuit

The most dangerous villains of Gotham City

The Epic Conclusion Rocksteady’s Arkham Trilogy – Batman: Arkham

Ritter for all out war Gotham City. Hit and run skirmishes

Batman: Arkham Asylum, which escalated into a devastating conspiracy

prisonersgegendie in Batman: Arkham City, the final peak

showdown for toekomstvan Gotham. Let mercy Scarecrow, fate

The city is at stake, when accompanied by Arkham Knight

Looks completely new and original universe and Batman

A lista huge villains notorious others, including Harley Quinn, The

Penguin, Riddler and Two


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