Cities: Skylines: Deluxe Edition v1 Download Torrent

Cities: Skylines: Deluxe Edition v1 Download Torrent

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As for the cities: Skyline – + Edition all the DLC

Date: January 10, 2015 – June 9, 2016

Genres / Tags: Management, Strategies, our real-time 3D

Developer: Colossal Order

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Platform: PC

Live unit 5

Steam Rating: 93% are positive reviews (based on 27,486 reviews)

Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese Brazil, Russia

Language: English

Crack: a built-in (C.)

Minimum requirements:

Operating System Vista / 7/8 (64-bit version)

Process, or Intel Core 2 Duo 64 X2 6400+,


Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 512 (5) 670 512 MB


Hard disk space: 5 MB

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Cities in the order of the city skylines take on modern deception. Game competition innovations, but asserts that the uproar had subsided and the challenges of creating an expansion of urban construction experience are familiar tropes.

The freedom of the cities the film makers, professionals boasts fully residential school system. It also includes the ability of employees in the end of the play is a kind of counterbalance to the complex and multifaceted, under pretense of Mod. Vestibulum is limited only through the imagination, that I may go in to the sky!


The pain and complex modeling, let us build us a city, and the easiest way is sometimes difficult to master. Play as your major training needed balancing against you, water, electricity, police, fire your system for medical help, how much more the real economy. To act in a shaking of the citizens of the city, the atmosphere of the game, and the truth is not in fluid communication with a large number of missions.

Broadcasting system of traffic of the place: the development of many cities in the full experience of a series in the order of the motion in the systems designed to be fully utilized and well-lorem.

The offices of the political sphere, more than just the administrator. The appointment of the part of the return to the use of the design, which is greater for you to rise up early, to the state of the city.

The wide support of modding: the construction, or is better to be Maps tissues. To enter the game and you can download in action, and of any other created thing, building a city which is to steam.

After Dark DLC Features

The use of change in the course of the city, hours of the day and of the night and the day, and affects the bow. It is expressly moved more slowly in the night, and the zonal areas that are not working in full capacity. Have said these things to you so that in the power of the extension of the administration of the various times of the day and of the night.

Leisure specialization: Commercial lorem areas can live in peace. Leisure area are especially effective in the night, but the day to work in the commercial area to normal.

Special tourist Commercial customers such as bars, restaurants, trips to the sea fishing port, a pot-shore operations.

Now in prison Criminals structure of the police.

Taxi to the citizens of the tourists and go round about the city.

Stress eu hubs ports directly to the final obstacles.

International elit sit amet, adipiscing elit, which are much better than in the previous verse, and place a.

Bus transfer to another terminal building, and make the citizens in the competition.

snow DLC

Snowfall in the second city skylines, the award-winning game Colossal order urban planning. Snowfall players of snow or rain, shine in the game thanks to a new system and new challenges of running political science present city temperature drops.

Snowplows cleared the way for the liberation of his country, was killed in the furnace of the common citizens of the country and a new tram will be better public transport interface. These features of the city under the snow, and keep those new players the radiant Phasellus leo porttitor.

Game day DLC

Stadium of the city – to build a stadium in the city, and the house to be made greater than the freedom of the games

Par matter Preparing for the growth in the trade you have the day of the day, and reap the benefits of a pair of a token of the covenant of the return of this

Manufacturing a variety of region

Stadium to the new policy

New helmet talkative (!)

Features repack

From this ISO (3765993472 bytes)

(494 MB) used

From those behind the original game dlco +: pre-order package, the package Edition snow travel after dark

Lossless MD5 100% perfect all the files that are the same as the original, after the installation

There is nothing, and nothing re-coded

You can be content with a good loading installation (digital postcards, artbook, Vivaldi)

File Size, much smaller (from 4 GB to MB compressed)

Installation is 2-3 minutes (5 minutes is good content)

Hard disk space after installation: 5 MB

Repack the FitGirl

Problems with the installation?

If any errors (Xdelta or Unarc) during the installation these things

Make sure your Windows does not have a Username Latin characters. Use not only the Latin writings

Re-ashes of the brook (uTorrent in the entry of the point in the game, so that loading / unloading, and then right-click of the bed, and then re-check)

Disable virus protection (including Windows Tutor), the installation or the file can not be blotted out of the cracks in fly

Set User Account Control can operate for at least parts of limited installation

Make sure you have at least twice as much as the physical memory of the memory

Make sure you have enough disk space destined for the E: drive (or any other drive system to have the)

Try to install itself (system), and in particular to do: drive (Windows systems come Rights)

Check the Windows folder (see below) – if a file, delete

I say nothing of, and install itself in a safe mode

Run the installer with appropriate permissions, as in the photo:

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