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Easy audio mixer Torrent

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If you need to mix two music tracks or you may have a line-up and want to add your voice to it, try this easy-to-use mixer that allows you to move, cut, and mix all the songs that you need.

Just how to reproduce itView the audio files in the time display, you will see a wavy display of your music, one by one per channel. After you upload all your files, try moving them into your chronology, cutting and moving bits, or applying radio, adding more bass, Club soundmode and flanking effects.

If you want to singyour favorite song and want to record your voice, try the function provided in the Easy Audio Mixer. Although the application requires you to remove voices from any song, so you can give your voice, it really does not workwith me. The ultimate effect was only the original song with a smaller volume. The program also can not change the frame size according to your needs. This can be really annoying when working with more than two channels and you need to move the song to the track.

No matterWhether you needto mix a song with a foundation or you want to sing and add a voice to the original song, try a lightweight audio mixer, although you’ll soon find some usability issues.

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