Far Cry Primal CPY Windows 7/8/10 Download

Far Cry Primal CPY Windows 7/8/10 Download

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Far Primal-CPY

Far cri Primal

Genre: Action

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher Ubisoft

Data March 1, 2016

Metascore: 74

Link: metakriticzni

About the game:

Led the Stone Age and unlimited favorite horror adventure game in which

Mammoths and giant tiger Sabretooth runs the world, and humanity is najnižinivo

On thethe end of the food chain. The latter remained in the hunt group will learn

Building a deadly arsenal to combat cc dangerous time kamienViek weather

Almost threat and unlimited adventure when mammoths and giant tiger Sabretooth

Member of the Board and of humanity is najnižikraj food chain. As the lastsurvived

Hunting groups can learn to build a deadly arsenal to combat dangerous

Predators hostile tribes and outsiders to win and become a country Oros

Apex predator. Takkar assume the role of an experienced hunter and the last

drugichlengrupa. You have one goal: to survivesviecieGdzie’re in half. Develop your tribe and improve their skills to get people to win

Oros Earth and become the ultimate top. Meet the cast unforgettable

Characters that can help borbiprotiv danger from wild animals. Shoot an enemy tribe who will do anything tocalm down with you and their allies.


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