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LightShot 3.2 torrent

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Sometimes it’s just better. Probably this is the motto that inspired the developers of LightShot is a very simple, but convenient tool for capturing the screen.

LightShot replaces the standard functionality of PrtScr in Windows, and allows you to take photos of your Sceen, but only two ways: the whole screen or custompart. After the screenshot is taken, LightShot chiniImage shows a small bar and several options.

In addition, you can use the image to memory drive inside, copy it to the clipboard or cancel the capture, as well as two other interesting options: online photo storage andFree file storage service is ideal for sharing with friends or change it into an amazingly feature-rich online photo editor.

LightShot onlinekatika editor allows you to edit images in various ways, such as cropping,Conversion, and also add new levels or spinning and filters and special effects. When you are done, you can easily present on the hard disk speichernIn JPG, BMP or PNG.

Light shot is replaced. Suitable for standard PrtScr functionality in Windows. He has an impressive editor,But lacks more interception capabilities.

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