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Mafia 2 is a third party action game for computer users who want to try to be virtual smokers.

Similar to the Mafia of 1930, but much more detailed, Mafia 2 was installed between 1940 and 1950 and is based on Empire Bai, which, although fictitious, is based on a combination of New York, Chicago,Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston in Detroit. Like other role-based games, you need to move your character through the city to complete certain tasks. It may involve car theft, the collection of indiscriminate weapons and interaction with other computer-controlled characters.

Mafia2 has a lot of variety, especially as you have the choice in selecting weapons. You have a Thompson and a Colt 1911 machine, but there is also Remington 870, AS 40 MP MP, M3 and more. It is certain that the team will recruit all these weapons and their performance in Mafia 2.

In addition, you can choose betweenexecute standard and violent actions through Mafia 2. You can also cover some items, run to cover and shoot at the same time enemies, and most consumers will see it as a very cool feature. There are even three different radio stations that you can find while playingGames: Empire Central Radio, Empire Classic Radio and DeltaRadio

As for graphics, Mafia 2 is the first line. Mafia 2 does not want to leave disappointed experienced players. The only white one can have is that the game can sometimes freeze or dispose of older computers.

Mafia 2 is an attempt to be seriousplayers who want to go through World War II.

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