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Memu simulates previous versions of the Android operating system (Lollipop and KitKat, which is more of an obstacle). This is done on other operating systems, which means that you can run applications and games only on Android on other devices. You can also get involved in Android, learn how it works, or try things out as a programmer.

Emulation, but not (function () {(“page review of the application’s desktop”);}); Note: As an Android emulator, Mego is not the right choicefor some games. For example, although it is managed by Pokmon GO (just like its own advertising site), a desktop computer does not require GPS (or mobility) to actually walk and catch Pokemon. Instead, you have to pay for GPS falsification software, which is usually against the rules of the game. With this understanding, however, he is fully functional. simulation. It is in the latest versions of Android, and thanks to a computer that supports simulated work bothother applications can be started and run.

for Developers and users of Same Goals will not make Memu become a phone. But if all you have to do is play the game or play a specific function in the Android app. You can do it from the desk. It is a good tool for small program programmers. If you need to run Android on your computer, look here.

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