RapidTyping full Torrent Download

RapidTyping full Torrent Download

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The speed and accuracy of printing are becoming more important in the world of computers and devices today. With RapidTyping you can easily update your printing.

RapidTyping includes a simple set of exercises so you can start by typing without the keyboard.This program allows you to train the letters near each one of the keys, and also shows the right finger for each of them. Your slow lessons are presented with color statistics that show your performance and improvements.

InterfaceRapidTyping is slightly different, as it contains some basic graphics and animations that can be very worried. Fortunately, you can close both and use the white background in your lesson.

On the subject,RapidTyping partners are quite basic; They only cover letters of mail and do not include any actual data or phrases. Above, you can do your own lesson easily and put yourself in order to try out customized texts.

WithRapidTyping can also speed up your typing and accuracy.


The Arab Interface Interface added

The defects are edited in the left-hand text in Arabic and Hebrew

Maintain graphic defects in a video card instruction box

Keep it goingrepeatedly within the Shift key

Traditional Chinese Internet updates

Updated language language interface

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