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ShowMyPC 3055 torrent

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ShowMyPC is a free tool to interact with your computer.

Free open source application allows you to view and access another computer, your computer screen or when multiple users have to see the same thing or provide remote support.ShowMyPC can not be easier to use, so users have installed on their computers. Someone who wants to share PC hits “Show Me My PC Now” and visit yangTampilkan want to show computer remote.

The program then generates the two ShowMyPC users hasłoŻeMust provide access to the computer. You can also share only apps. This app allows you to take screenshots and receive and combine the appointment schedule. ShowMyPC also has a chat feature board that allows sharing talks.

TechnicalPadatingkat, you can configure proxy servers and virtual private servers to improve security. You can also change the default server property created by the ShowMyPC program by right-clicking on the TightVNCKtore server will appear in the system tray. EventuallyIt’s an easy-to-use free application that makes sharing. Of course ShowMyPC is not a good program, but very functional.

Untukbebas, no complications sharing the computer, give ShowMyPC go.

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