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Previously published by THQ, the annual WWE wrestling simulator made its way to the Newfound PC since 2K acquired a license. This means that – despite more than ten games – there are only two parts available on Windows, pc.Dit means – if you are looking for a game to test your favorite WrestleMania moments again- There is no better place to start than WWE 2K16 this year.

(Function () {(appendix overview of the pages of the desktop “);}); But the relationship involves Eravy buying the game just because the ring’s latest version is not really an endorsement of it? Do not worry, even if the same basic game in WWE 2K15 (with manywith the same mechanical problems), there are several notable reasons for pikken.In the first place, this edition this year has the largest range of muscle Superstars still. Although it’s true that this is a rather predictable bullet to grind, it has the advantage that you have all kinds of fantasy results between the Legend and the latest selection.The perfect way to destroy humanity from Dean Ambrose.Een is another huge bonus for WWE fans that the 2K showcase single is focusing on more iconic stories than last year. While WWE 2K15 as the fall of the generation X and Cena vs. CM Puck’s rivalry was curious, he was pale in comparison with the chanceStone Cold Steve Austin to survive the WCW and Attitude Era WWE.

Surviving-serieDit has been featured as an incredible WrestleMania 13 Match Match between Texas Rattlesnake theHitman and Bret Hart. The purpose here is to establish historical moments in the struggle shown up to this day in video packages. Executing thismay be unpleasant, but it’s incredibly nice to see playing a scene when it’s slaagt.De 2K showcase is accompanied by a career mode that lets you create your own superstar. Starting with the NXTilig development, you must create alliances and rivalry during your journey and helpyou develop your skills and build a reputation. Again, this can be difficult, especially if your new hunter incredibly low leveled starts, but he pays them nemen.Helaas feel the developer of the Yuke’s game engine rigid and dated. No big surprise, no matter what!The team has more than a year since 2000 to rebuild. Despite the fact that for several years it has been a visual repair, the characters still remain wooden and often slip around the ring before entering the canned animation instead of moving naturally.

King ringWWE 2K16Not a great fighting game, but for WWE fans, this is the only fighting game. While it would be great to see what can be done, 2K and Yuke years, when they need a whole two years to build a franchise from the ground – it seems that these annual updates are all we get. Not perfectbut still solid, fun and full of settings and modes to bring you to the next WrestleMania.

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