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AnonymoX for Firefox is a supplement that provides quick, anonymous browsing and one-click knopky.Yakscho you are concerned about privacy on the Internet, anonymoX is a good option. When enabled, you can select random IP, delete cookies and show publicznieIP, anything to make life a bit much Gates bezpechnishe.Problema Internet IP and proxy servers is that they are difficult to establish and could seriously slow down browsing yako.Si so anonymoX. It installs as easily as normal Firefoxadd-on and automatic zawierarandom “identity”. Clicking on the icon anonymoX near the address bar, you can choose a specific person from the list, including the IP address Asia in the US, Europe i.anonymoX goes a step further and offers a helpfully delete cookies when you install internetowąlub change of identity, to prevent the site from identifying you. The application also allows you to switch between personal care and the law, and you wezayana information anonymoX down bar Add to suggest that one is currently connectedand, and is IP-publicznego.Kliknięcie this information will allow you to switch yoho.anonymoX service was good, although not particularly easy. Configuration options are largely limited to what can be seen in the interface, but it does not mean, of course, the service is very easy to use. By using najbardziejtożsamości, we can also be found anonymoXkasi enough, but as always, some areas moves were slower than others, especially when you are looking vyboriSShA.Yakscho randomand rare Hide IP using Firefox, anonymoX good free option. You can always upgrade to a premium service, but if you are looking for a bit more specific and / or depersonalization customized, shall we look for another mistsi.Dlya free, casual depersonalization, anonymoX is great, easy to use tool for Firefox.

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