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Bombermaaan 1.4 Torrent

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Bombermaaan recreates the open source of the Bomberman classic game originally built in the eighties for NES.

The best thing about this new version is fully respected in design, graphics, sound effects and the original title of the game. Bombermaaan sees you as a small character caught in a maze, putting bombs to open its exit and kill its opponents. As you move on at the level, you will see You have all kinds of power supply to help with your mission: extras, moreof power, higher speed, remote control for bombs, and so on.

Bombermaaan can play up to 5 people at a time using a keyboard or joystick. Keys can be defined in the game options menu. There are only 8 levels at Bombermaaan, but you can download a package with 150 additional levels of the developer’s website.

Used to the modern game, you’ll definitely be Bombermaaan quite limited. But for all of us, the 80s, played video games, his sweet way and fun to rememberold great times

Bombermaaan recovers life to the Bomberman classic version with a simple version that can be upgraded to 150 levels.

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