Code::Blocks 13.12 Windows 7/8 FULL Torrent

Code::Blocks 13.12 Windows 7/8 FULL Torrent

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Code :: Blocks is a development environment for C ++ programming language. It supports 20 different compiler, Microsoft Visual C + +, C, smaller, Digital Mars and including Borland C ++.

plug-ins galore

The program is completely customizable thanksNumber of plug-ins and options. Features such as automatic code formatting, and even the environment development cycle for short term (IDE), you can choose duzunoiznahi odpowiednierozbudowa.

Building processQuick

Makefile Code :: blocks from the construction process is very fast, so. If you add support for parallel compilation speed it can be packaged binaries, it is horrible.

Help is always available(Format PDF)

Zerfitxak, line numbers, syntax color code automatically for the smart, etc., IDE :: contains a code block, which is usually valuable salt. TyKiedykolwiek If you get stuck, just look at the PDF manual.

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