Doctor Strange 2016 English pirate Torrent

Doctor Strange 2016 English pirate Torrent

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Dr. Steven strange for change (Benedict Cumberbatch) life after a car accident grips hands. When traditional medicine does not go, he is looking for healing and hope, in the mysterious enclave. Quickly learns that the enclave is on the front line in the fight against the forces bent tmynevidimydestroy reality. Soon, the country is forced to choose between the status of life and your happiness or leave it all behind, to protect the world as the most powerful wizard in existence.

nazavrshi karieryjest destroyed, brilliant but arrogant surgeon receives a new life, kogdaMasterIt takes under his wing and teaches him to protect the world from evil.

The former neurosurgeon goes on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the mystical world of art. The Marvel “Doctor Strange,” the story of a talented neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, who after tragicheskoyavariya,put ego aside and learn the secrets of the hidden world of mysticism and alternative dimenzii.So, based in New-JorkuCity Greenwich Village Doctor Strange to act as a mediator between the real world and what lies beyond it, using a wide diapazonvozmozhnosti metaphysical andartifacts in order to protect the Marvel Universe movie.

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