NBA 2K15.1 download

NBA 2K15.1 download

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NBA 2K return, offers some new features, graphics and game modes. Lot had disappeared in the game and showed it, but did not manage to declare his predecessor franchise?

Controlling team format andaMyGM

If you are interested in the brain behind the successful franchise, NBA 2K15 is MyGM form, giving you more control over the franchise. In this mode you will tell the players and owners to try and make a team kejohanan.PadaKortom, this model is similar to the popularFootball Manager. The game offers a lot of control of the team without being boring. But if you’re in micromanagement, you can change things like athletic trainers and the price of the ticket.

YangGM means that you need to address the needs of the players. Sometimes a player will go and complain about the intensity of practice or their role in the team. This is displayed via the interface that occurs in the office anda.Sasa game, you can see playing the game counter with what happensAnd decided to jump at any time.

Dribble, dribble, shoot!

Last jikayouve 2K14, then you need control over the ship. From the perspective of the game, the control of your team attack and defense has been improved. NBA 2K15 system is an important way to game aspects. For example, the focus of the offense provided by all Derrick Rose can provide management provides. An important point of the defensive shelves could crush.

You have the opportunity to place their position in initamat timeOr you can adjust your coach during the game. This is an underestimated feature of the game, you can set the tone or follow the instructions coaches while the game has changed and pergerakan.Ini is a welcome change of 2K Games, had to find a balance between control and no micromanagement of the game to find.

Sometimes the laborious process of learning to succeed easier with the addition of pukulanNBA 2K15. Because of this, you have a big chance of hitting theLoose ball when the player is at its height. This proved to be a very difficult girl to be activist idiot, Kevin Martin is. Now, the display meter under each player has a certain amount of time you have to keep a shot. This allows the players to play with satisfaction rather than experience disappointing.


Imejarent big step of the next-gen version of NBA 2K14, but that does not mean they are not impressive. Amazing amount of detail has gone on the record player: they are sweatingOn his forehead, chicken skin appears in their hands, and Chris Andersen’s tattoos and beard off the screen.

Players Arent only getting an image upgrade in NBA 2K15. Coaches, cheerleaders, mascots and diperbaiki.Pemain coach also noticeably more when they stand next to them, but no HD quality player who dares to train and feel their previous versions.

NBA 2K15 sound as it seems. It has the best word you play in playing sports and playing backFrom the troops Clark Kellogg, KevinHarlan and Steve Kerr. Another big touch is to add a pre-match in the bus to Ernie Johnson and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. Thousands of audio is recorded by both of them. The coach also interviewed (with their real sounds!) Within a half.

The soundtrack for this game is another shining point of the game. Unlike last year, the soundtrack compiled by Lebron, NBA 2K15s songs chosen by members musician The Ultra / ProducerPharrell Williams. It offers a mix of music artists and groups such as doubts, A Tribe Called Quest and Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can listen to music during listening play through the menu settings.

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It’s easy to lose untukNBA 2K15 brands to make its ability to make a simple online issue can not be forgiven. However, all other areas of the game are improved over its predecessor and in this case, pakarmelebihi disadvantages.

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