PIXresizer 2.0 torrent download

PIXresizer 2.0 torrent download

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PIXresizer is a very easy photo-drug tool.

In fact, it is the perfect PIXresizer app you like, if it is a very simple change to your photos before sending and sending them to watch online. For example, you can use apps to resize photos (also targeted softly and not, as usual), but other forms q.e. (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF) to optimize email and post.

Prestigiosos little PIXresizerAnd on the other side likeSome may activate or otherwise, for the safety of EXIF ​​data – there is not much more I can do. That said, it’s free and does the job very well, so if you need to change often according to your picture, it’s a very useful tool lying around.

PIXresizer allows you to work properly a single file created batch folder. Two separate options in the tab, which you will be able to see if the preview is to use multipleText selection.

Fast,Quite easy and fitDicit for cans, PIXresizer is a very good tool.

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