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Prototype 2 is much better than expected. This is the first to develop a strong story line and at the same time, and more than that, it’s better all through the game, providing the most solid sandbox games available. Example 2 A great game.

The hundred you play, James Heller, a soldier is not the one who has the power to have shapeshifters. Catching the virus is deadly, New York, killed, and not abandoned faciuntnihil in life, you blame only after his murder- Alex Mercer, the first type of character.

No new Prototype2 violated different groups depending on the extent of viral infection. It’s green, safe and it must be clear that the deepest red, full of slums of the poor and of them, a man in whom can be found, and red, making the virus and alert. The Lord will face missions in all these areas to face the via Alex Mercer. In other consumers, Sergeant James Titus’s identity of them, and measuring the speed of oneRead memory.

HellerKekuatan makes the pleasant example 2 – jumping, climbing and flying around the city is nice and varied, and the battle is never boring. Increases chosen to overcome the enemy enemy’s challenge better you will be found to overcome. To spend much of their enemies, and to prove that humans differ in the form of infiltration of the connection to the opinion of others. To be good to you, Lord I will advance and grow up, like in the game with oneChange of the soldiers not spared to let us forget things is the cause of the biological A Sample of 2 appreciation 18;

Heller, carrots often conduct very witty debate in certain areas. Sounds like an exemplary overall very good, with a few sound effects its anxiety. There are some nice and graphical in touch, as well. New York looks very beautiful and full of life and the details that make it compelling to the developer. Helicopters and tanks in the Prototype2 looks fantastic, especially with robekMereka gruzelementen!

Overall, Prototype 2 is a huge improvement over the original pleasure. Numquammoments are the adult in missions to learn in the likeness of some people, but he learned from the mistakes common to the developer Radical Entertainment. It is one of the most enjoyable sandboxes for the coming years, has been assigned interesting storyline, characters free graphics and very impressive.Can not be missed.

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