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It’s a good spore. Create your own personal universe, live a life that will manage to evolve, form tribe, set up your own civilization and conquer others, and finally find out about new world explosions in space.

Will Raytyavlyaets, one of the most prestigious video game history makers. SimCity, SimEarth, Simlife Sims and just come out of their most popular work. His games sold millions of copies, and with each new game, Wright seems to outdo themselves.

At this time, in WrightSpectacular tvorcheskoevidenie specifically targeted – Spore. The game has been in development for many years and the short but intense video game has also been one of the most ambitious projects.

In the broadest sense, Spore can be described as simulyatorzhizni, single-celled oceanic creatures, passing natural in the evolution of Spies, to conquer Earth and conquer the galaxy.

The conflict takvobrazny game and exciting that you can only do it by giving justice!

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