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WWE 2K17 combines descriptive elements in the military and fight game closer look the explosive action of the game than any other on the market. You can get different types of game play, with a few wrestlers backstage slugfests strife in creating your character itself or playing WWE stars. MyCareer game except you put your character through wrestling career ups and downs, hopes not only to win races, but to win over the crowd.

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WWE 2K17 play in gwellaarPrevious base wedstryde.Die most important change is the new star ranking appears during games; You need to make the excitement of the crowd, battle with tension and varied, not only the best spam attack again and again, until you crush. Other new features include the role ringdie managers and an opportunity to promote dialogue reduced speaker-like menu. If you like to include Showcase in 2K16, you will be disappointed because there is much less hanesyddoldeunydd here.

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In the indigenous struggle”Smark» – «sign smart” -. A fan who knows the ins and outs of love backstage world of battle and continue to watch a good game If you are sure that you will enjoy a combination of fighting and theater WWE 2K17.

WWE 2K15, finally arrives on the computer, which was already consolessedert last October. The PC version of the game will add content vsezavantazhennya in a single package, making it a great value. But roeddMae delay between releases hurt the attractiveness of the port?


WWE fans all backSimilar already know the story behind the game. It was hoped that, with the 2K Sports is now on the table, the franchise will be the long-awaited recovery. models animation, voice and brand new character was the focus of this work will take wish list.

Unfortunately, that is not what hetstoei fans. Instead, he bought Visual Concepts 2K Sports (NBA titles developers), good facelift to polish the game, but disadvantages bipod. The result is a game that looks great, alonguntil you start to play. Now, they do not consider that the wrong way WWE2K15 still play, and WWE 2K14, fans are already anticipating a problem.

But this new contribution adds new twists game that can vkazatyNapryamok slightly refined in the future may take. This includes mechanics bunk (seen soosgewoonlik start close combat), you will participate in a mini rock-paper-games scissor-style. This is followed ganMae subtle interaction withstick to the sweet spot right to set faster than your opponent by creating some friction close up well. It looks good from jygebeur not be a spectator, but as a player you get caught up in victory, therefore, you lose a lot of fluids back and forth, it creates.

From there, it’s business as usual. In the same wrestling, punching, to counteract all the mechanics in the game, and even vereistyd franchise patients know and fans love. It usually gweithiodirwyagainst individual opponents you build momentum and control the tempo of the game.

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However, it does not take long to start seeing the problem. As irrelevant as you carry out your organization Superstar shamelessly spinning around, while fighting over rival too often, you are locked on the wrong competitor. Sometimes it’s just inconvenience, but if you are going to tie the pin and plaasom to another participant, fatigue could lose the game.

My real complaint WWE 2K15 torrentmae’r factno more then in this issue 2K14, or earlier versions of the console.

2K14 includes single-player campaign, which plaasgevindjy by ’29 preparing for Wrestlemania 30. Wrestlemainav This year, the regime has been replaced by two subplots competition: Decline XS collapse, and Cena and CM Punks blow. It works well if you’re a fan of any of these characters, but the character’s iconic game last year, leading to weak solo experience. Fortunately, if you’re playing alone, infwyModd career round you take a series of league WWEs NXT makes it slightly.

Inshirezhym obviously no wrestling 2K 15 will be made history. While I seldehierdie patient himself, as the creations of others lose (again mod community to get their hands on it, at least).

My problem is WWE 2K15 last while, when it comes to comfort, significant stories in the show progresses. This way the characters in the game, it’s oddly irrelevant compared to their presennolwladwriaeth. Take Chezarovskiethat 93 degree (game nayvyschyhv), but is now languishing in a team division signed Tyson Kid. A positive side of this is that CM Punk poses even taken directly prevents pen fans know, it will probably be the last time he appeared to be in the game Register WWE.

Player B +

WWE 2K15s biggest sin is that it is the first step in the wrong half. I guess the fans waswees happier in recent years, visual effects, and even gives a lot more ymdrechar animationand fashion. It makes yohotu same game as last year – just look better. But it may be next year requires 2K Games will continue on the path they started on. Some of the new delight performance blowing long way to go live in a visually impressive character models have seen this game in years.

And maybe next year, we can see that the PC version will be released in a timely manner. Please?

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