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CCleaner Portable Meezy Torrent

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For example, a USB stick and other memory cards increase the storage capacity, as well as their popularity as software centers. Many applications have created a special version of this device, the so-called. “Narrations”. One of them is CCleaner Portable.

For a few words, CCleaner Portable isCCleaner pocket version, an excellent cleaning tool that can clean unused files, get free disk space, and make Windows faster and smooth. Great advantages of CCleaner Portable to let you do the same without leaving any evidence on your computer. Of course,You do not have to put it. Just use the USB memory stick and you have direct access to all its functions. Driver traders make important buttons in the Windows Registry, but this will be deleted when the software is finished, so there will be no effects in the system.

About its function, CCleaner Portableis a satisfying Software that helps you to solve more files like web cookies, temporary files, log files, or any other releases available after installing and deleting months. The storage menu in CCleaner Portable has interesting optionswhich can store some of the most important cookies for you or the ability to add custom file types to the delete filter. In addition to opening disk space, CCleaner Portable allows you to remove software, find faulty registry keys and regroup allapplications will run until Windows opens.

At the bottom, CCleaner Portable does not allow you to delete the changes, so make sure you want to delete it before clicking “Yes”. In addition, such a program may take a few minutes before completing the pre analysiscancellations. However, this can happen due to the fact that CCleaner Portable works from a USB device and look at all available options while cleaning our system test receives 558 MB of portable devices, which obviously takes a little time.

For all, CCleaner Portable is as good as “his brother” and very muchIt is important that you want to use it on any computer without closing anything or leaving behind.


An option to extend the Warning Alert for User Account (UAC) is added.

Added Firefok beta support.

Switching to Thunderbird is deleted.

Improve the cleansing of Aurora history.

Improvementsfor Google Chrome memory blocks have been deleted.

Improved task tracking.

DateArhitektonsko uklanjanje KSP.

Added BitDefender enhancement.

Improve Malvarebites Anti-Malware Improvement, VLC Media Player and Avast! Antivirus 6.

Less tips.

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