CCleaner v5.25 Windows XP/7/8/10 torrent download

CCleaner v5.25 Windows XP/7/8/10 torrent download

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CCleaner is a corporation that finds and removes unnecessary files and errors on a computer running Windows (including Windows 10). With a few mouse clicks, CCleaner helps save disk space and make your computer faster and more efficient.

besarset optimization

Cleaning is much work to CCleaner. With a quick scan detects unwanted Windows files and programs you have installed, remove it and prostoefektyvno nakukusaidia.

CCleanerintegrity section dedicated memeriksaMendaftar registration of Windows, the file that contains information about the system configuration. CCleaner scans the registry for more than a dozen types of errors and gives you the option to keep a backup before starting treatment.

CCleaner Tools menu contains more specific services such as cepatuninstallers, the list of programs to run when you start Windows, and points recovery manager.

classic look

kwakufuta file, just click on the scan, and let CCleaner demonstrate how to collect waste.lainklik on the Run button, and it will soon clean up your disk.

CCleaner scanner can be configured to find and remove only what you want. This process includes a check, it may take a little effort at times.

Cleanerbekerja Registry and the same way, and pokazuyetypy errors found. This is a fairly technical information, but as one of CCleaner offers kituanaendesha restore previous backup.

Another tool is equally simple, but provide little information. meskipunSebenarnya, minimalistThis acceptance – especially compared to other interfaces busy cleaning.

According to the state

Usefulness and effectiveness of CCleaner according to your needs. for menyimpankonfidentsiynisttse very strong, but not scanning speed.

Cleaning the registry is necessary only in rare cases, surgery nimdogo interest in the latest version of Windows.

Equipment for the removal of the base, tetapibekerja well, although sometimes display incorrect records and outdated data only can be easily removed forhand.

In categories such as fresh crisis, which is difficult to find programs that are fair and reasonable, CCleaner stands out because of kesederhanaannyadan efficiency.

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