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Free MP3 Cutter Download Torrent

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I feel like I missed the opportunity with Free MP3 Cutter Joiner. It’s like two separate projects that have participated in a bad interface that is trying to best confuse them. He did what he claimed to be bad.

Reduce the type

After downloading the MP3 Cutter Joiner, you found the “Cutter” from this program.The interface is a mixture of icons stolen from other programs that seem to be compressed and zoomed in until it breaks down and collapsed, which is hard to see.

Some pages are hidden under this icon, and only by referring to the best help menu on the developer’s website,you can easily use it.

To apply exactly salt in the wound, the wave mode in the middle of the page is a constant image that is not related to the audio file you have filled in- Choose an audio file from browseFungsi (drag and drop does not work as it looks), it does not nodifference.

Yankee joined

When you work hard to reduce the sound you put in the Cutter, you can go to “Joiner”. This is very easy to use, but just because there is less work.

After removing your file from the search page and ordering to jointo Joiner, press the Start button to connect everything to the backup account.MP3. It does not provide editing tools, and the pieces between the sound of each wall are much more than a bit – but at least they work poorly.

Function failed

Because of no work, ugly, and hard to use, Free MP3 Cutter Joineris used exclusively. But since Audacity is still free and offers a very lightweight audio package, I do not know why you did not choose it.

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