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This post in the success story of the 2K basketball company keeps the fans of the classic elements of the game, the ability to change and improve MyCareer. NBA 2K17 to act in several ways, career mode, MyGM, including MyLeague and pure. These different ways for different career levelsManagement, league management of the progress of the individual individual player.

The next best thing of all the basketball stars

Playing badaAurretik NBA 2K, the gameplay will feel good despite the improvements in the mechanics Some. Shooting at the moment is more predictable, dribbling easierAnd more intuitive, and artificial intelligence is a bit better. In addition to the game itself, it offers a wide range of different management options. MyKareer on 2K16 offers a wide range of players, though not very exciting, and calendar management. Also MyGM Create and dostosowywaćZespołów,Arenas and bestelakoEzaugarri League.

Standing Story Series

The NBA 2K17 refined version of its predecessor, improved mechanics and story detail is a kind of player. Or just a fan of basketball as a whole, if you are a fan of the previous games, it is worth buying.

Every year at the beginning of the seasonIn the NBA, NBA 2K14 for all basketball fans, the caliber of the new version of the best football.

Edizioa2014ko LeBron James, a game mode devoted to him and celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the teams in the Euroleague. But do not do the best of these new additions to the NBA 2K14 gameBasketball?

LeBron James, this year’s stars

Everyone with his player in the NBA 2K, Lebron James has his own way.Mayami Heath star to perform a video on the cover was chosen koszykówkęgwiazda.

DaLeBron mode: the amount where you can be your career. In a way, like the way inWho Michael Jordan NBA 2K11 devoted to 2K14 gives you the opportunity to continue his career with Lebron James. The difference is that they will not live in the early stages of the LeBrons career, Jordan, as we have done, but that will be with him in his last victory.

NBA 2K14 choice between two options dezakezu.Lehenengo LeBronWill remain MiamiCiepłoza reach the peak of his career in the second or hell join another team. In both cases, LeBron expects a number of challenges, dating from almost 99%, with proud statistics.

Unfortunately, this way is just a script as well as a linear game they want toAre convincing. It would be better if you can choose one of the LeBrons team, but you can not.

BesteNBA 2K14 an important innovation is the arrival of 14 Euroleague teams. LeBronie BędzieMożesz forget FC Barcelona, ​​CSKA Moscow, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos other European teams involved in the games?

INThis case, the rules of the European League, especially in defense, which must follow the rules of the NBA for three hours. We not only want to play games that you need to take care of, the special mode of playing only ezaEuroliga groups.

Finally, there are only these two optionsPowinniśmyZapomnij in the game, and this is a new addition to the already solid substance. The NBA 2K14 is still a classic franchise of all kinds: My Competitor My Career Mode as well as on-line.

These methods have evolved, but those in this game that we all know can rely on the gameIn the NBA. On the other hand, the way my team is backing. In this way, friends and my Player Mode, which create a single player can participate in tournaments online.

Excellent gaming experience

The NBA 2K14 has several improvements. The most important thing you will notice if you use the controller to play,About the right to use an analog stick (Stick PRO) that will allow you to do everything with it: demonstrators or complex shots.

These changes mean that the game is available to new players by offering intuitive controls. Be careful, however, not to be too long,You have to stick to trzymaćAnalogowy, the risk of failure to make a fake shot, because if you want to shoot you. If you use it together with the left trigger, a steering lever lets you travel without obstacles to your teammates.

Bazkideekmugimendu more they can be used,To block or pass the ball (between the legs, behind, behind the aperture). The locking system has been upgraded and we wanted to catch you, and blocking balls (blockage) as it is. TamNie already weapon in defense of the ball!

Artificial Intelligence has improved, and because it is much harderto be disconnected. A more durable and better position in the field of penalties, so it will be harder to beat. Since then the average player can not be the goal of the basket, but the right combination and space to throw the ball or blocker to beat.

Just hit the button,To get help and tactical wheel terrain wyświetlonaSzare, where the ball holder or the position of his teammates had a greater chance of being with.

Harhitz everything done, the NBA 2K14 game has a strong impression due to the wide range of strategies and controls.

I love to watch on TV

The seriesNBA 2K has always been a big advantage. Each year, Visual Concepts strives to offer an experience similar to watching NBAw game TV.

And the audience applauds ducommentators three thousand new animations to create an atmosphere both on the court and on the other side of the screen.

NewAnimations show players’ reactions in greater detail: a big blow to their emotions or frustrated on the bench after a bad pass. For those who love to watch the NBA game, even movements and movements can be recognized by the attitude of some of the moving players signature.

GaineraNBASet up 2K14 several errors, especially in the case of blocks and alignment (with the passage through the hands). Now everything works and players react realistically to each country.

Like a soundtrack, LeBron directed playlist. Kanye West, Nas, Daft Punk, Gorillaz and many others will join you in the game,Commentators Steve Kerr, Kevin Clark Kellogg chair and voices. NBA is the only general bezala2K14 Inglesa.

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