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Need for Speed Rivals download

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The need for Rivals of Rivals offers a unique battle for the players. Storm players cross the streets of the fictional city of Redview County as an accelerated or obedient player who has the opportunity to change between the two sides of the law, climb up the race ladder and open new cars and technical toys.

Full action action on two screens

Eneed for Rivals, there are only two types of runners: hunters andhunter. On both sides of the law, players can engage awesomecareer.

Inexperienced racing car racing players are competing against each other in illegal street racing, anti-clock games or surviving police patrols. Every time you play, you can challenge other drivers to navigate in the open game. This is also happening to other players of public humanity or private societies with friends.You need fast and streaming streams running smoothly.

The driver is full of emotion!

The reward for the gameThe Need for Speed ​​Rivals takes the form of Speed ​​Points (SP). The longer you touch the game pattern, the multiplier is higher and the more points you get. If you do not pay attention to a good time, you can lose it forever.

If he lost his race, he returned to the empty hands. The samethings will happen if you fall into the police or if the vehicle is destroyed. If you lose the player of the person, the winner gets points. The player, therefore, should be considered carefully if they want to show the raceLine at a high geta multiplier or if it is easiest to reserve your eyes.

Pilots can close new vehicles by increasing their rank in the number of winning races. The car iscan be purchased through Speed ​​Points. Both points should be used to customize the engine to improve manipulation or to create visual accents: similar, racing paintings or stickers.

The police took a gun to return

Runners of police hunting in Need for SpeedThe rivals are certainly not dangerous. They also have access to quick patrol cars. Unlike the pilots, they do not have to buynew car. Soon they will be available as soon as the required coverage is reached. However, these vehicles can not be tuned.

Police have earned Speed ​​Points performing success. Additionally, they need to run with time for the purpose and can not handle the roadside or other car ramps. Otherwise, there is a misunderstanding

Huntsmen and hunters are dependent on technology

ToFighting effectively against street thugs, the police have pinstrips, jammers, obstacles and helicopters. The cyclist’s response is a huge amount of firearms, they can attack the turbo and leave the police in the dust. There are restrictions for both parties: you need to purchase a new technical toy for each vehicle and can not fit more than two at a time. During Race For Speed ​​participants, the team becomesMore powerful weapons extend to other tools.

Second screen

With this free application, you can follow the Requirements for rivets. Take your iPhone, iPod or iPad, configure route routes, visit and challenge them in racing. Or you can start with a small challenge in the mini-game in the application. Despite all these great points, the second screen loses points due to important load delays.

TheThe style of the guide is trendy

In terms of controls, Need for Speed ​​Speeds only makes small changes Comparison of Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit. Arcade Racer puts more emphasis on emotion than the realization of the simulation. Grunted wheels shout when they float around the corner of the hair, using the handle to get the required balance on the side.

If you need it, you can control everything usingkeyboard, but you have to change the default main task. Better to play with the Need for Speed ​​Rivals. However, the gamepad reflects the final motion of the direction.

Artificial guides have, At least the first stage of the game, quite relaxed and inform the players (even after some accidents). On the other hand, a skilled virtual driver can not catch too fast.

Beautiful graphics and lively music,but multijugadortorpe

Visually, Need for Speed ​​Rivet is probably not private. The cars are directly out of glossyrisalah – so they are involved in the collision. The damage model demonstrates a serious injury However, to destroy the vehicle, it requires a little effort.

The stage is well presented. The county of Redview brings the combination of mountainous areas, towns, forests and deserts. The downfall of the rain,ice and leaves, as well as changes between day and night, make many different visuals.

The need for music rivals and constant sound effects to be two better touches. Professional voice artists are responsible for a good dialogue.

However, it’s more incredibleIt’s the performance of an online server. This prevents the wild results of other players’ vehicles, ifsometimes over and along with the track.

Conclusion: action of pure race!

The demand for Rivet Speed ​​is similar to the two previous versions (Pursuit Hot and Most Wanted 2). Some say it’s a little boring, but it’s not like that. The rival compresses the game under the final essence of exciting racing, handling the perfect integrated arrows, perfect graphics and funky soundtrack.

Added It is a great onlinesystem that eliminates the difference between online needs and the rival content and speed requirements online. Instead, annoying anxiety in multiplayer games creates a very good image and burns the player’s desire for a more powerful server.

By default, Id still wants to see the challenge of friends, like InBurnout Paradise – that will make the game perfect.

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