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Outlast is the first horror game Amnesia borrowed from classics, and her stations have a new feature that will give her individuality.

At Outlast, you have to live in a frenzy of violence and death that took place in an abandoned asylum. With the plot that is acceptable, really good control and a lot of exciting moments, promises to keep the duration even the scariest game ever. But this?

Blood,Courage and violence

Overcome scary – at first.Games work well to bring the opponents’ skin, Miles Upshur, and make sure you have a hard time (which is kind of the point). This story is not rare, but it is very effective on the screen, especially for realistic scenes of violence and blood. Outlast is not a game for the faint of heart: it’s a hard, violent and really get low skin.

Now Overcome the durationMake a mistake you can not make a horror game: routine. The first is all-new New, terrible, enjoyable and distressing, and really a scary game, the kind that makes the hair stand up and your wrist race. But after the first effect, Outlast slips into the routine. Resources for “panic” all-out and almost every game are retributions a little variation of the above, which means they are treated the same as increasingly”Well, turn on the lever or button, and repeat.”

Outlast is very linear and rare to find where the games move freely, open the door or enter a room you do not need. Linearity has two clear goals: the first is to get nervous. If Queo game does not control what you do or wherever you go, you can not activate some unexpected events that make a jump from her seat.

The secondThe effect of this linearity is that if you look closely at the Outlast will see that it is just a giant puzzle. Each part of the game has a certain order, and if you do not like your support may not be sersobrevivir. Look for “invisible line” – something that involves tracking all four, cabinet or hide under the bed, avoiding sadeformedenemies or running your life in pursuit of hate – is the key to progress through the game.

Have arrivedWho have not tried (or are not successful) psychologically intimidate go beyond the first hour. When you go through this trauma, Over time, courage, blood and destruction, combined with various failures, the top of Masada, is a scary number.

This does not necessarily mean a bad thing, because, among other things, enable Outlast knows when it’s a sequence and makes screaming for his mom. But unlike the other onesGames like Amnesia (a lot of references in the game genre) which really dominated arrest around and the plot of the game, only Outlast would be BOO’s easy “Soon.


One of the main events and controls fromOutlastAs how they affect the game. As you play another game like everyone else, our movement on the screen is very realistic and our bodies shake hands to supportA corner or angle, as we are walking and looking back, all the controls transmitrealism, the movement of the people, and putting it firmly on the miles of shoes are low.

Shrimp video is the only game tool. It serves to reveal the dark through infrared mode, but the battery is discharged when you use it and have to find a replacement through the levels. Use the camera offers lots of sad moments in Outlast,Though it’s likely that it will not run out of battery because of the difficulty level of offset game youbatteries when you need it.

Gráficoson awesome and powerful

Durable using Unreal Engine 3. If used properly and generally very good. Better yet, any computer can Midrange push to reach the limit, but still very good Performance.

The game combines infrared camera and light and shadow for a great impression (filter cameraVery realistic). Blood on the walls, corpses around the area, guts – and also the things that you’ll see better on your way – are also worth mentioning.

In general, Outlast has an impressive graphics, it is overshadowed by a little annoying problem that is typical of Unreal Engine 3, as a physical object does not exist (which looks like a curtain .. Aarrgh!)

Comes to sound strelasverdadeira wholeGame horror -Outlast very powerful. Dialogue is hard, the voice and the world’s cries, steps, things are broken, all focused on giving a scary experience.

in the end

Outlast is a great game for a little fear of you, and there are moments that will take you on a toforget time. All the products are unusual and even a very linear, does not make the design a very good standard. Control and someScene really stand out.

Endure the greatest horror game of all time? In the end, depends on who plays and how sensitive. But in any case, if you want the genre it should really give it a strike.

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