Rock Bro! 2016 HD movie download torrent

Rock Bro! 2016 HD movie download torrent

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Team Rock Bro! Rimba Bara is still struggling in the music industry, which is full of political games. At the same time Jijo meets Queen Rocks Ella in the recording studio and falls in love with her. Jijo loves her so much that he is ready to leave his life of rock music and becoming a contractor F-class, so mail willhave a more secure life. Reasons Rimba Bara collapse and various conflicts.

Language: Malay

Classification: P13

General Release Date: October 27, 2016

Genre: Comedy / Drama

BieganieCzas: Unavailable

Distributor: Grand Brilliance

Cast: Cyrus Rahman, Beijing Ibrahim Azmi Bahron Amy Juliet


Format: 2D

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