A Kind of Murder 2016 My Darlu Full Movie Torrent

A Kind of Murder 2016 My Darlu Full Movie Torrent

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In 1960, in New York, Walter Stekhaus successful architect married the beautiful Clara, live a life that seems ideal. But the capture of unsolved murders took him into a spiral of chaos, he was forced to play cat and mouse with killer smart and ambitious detective, at the same time, afteras the desire of another woman. The psychological thriller, noir in 1960 in New York by Patricia Highsmith novel, ‘The Blunderer’. Walter Stekhausbahatym, successful and profitable azhanivsyada beautiful but broken Clara. His desire to be free from feed obsesinyaThe Kimmel, a man on suspicion of murdering hiswife grumble. But if Clara was found dead under suspicious circumstances, a number of lies Walter and his own mind, the criminals seem enough to admit his guilt. Because life is dangerous, linked to Kimmel tahunPolisi cruel increasingly convinced that he had foundcopycat killer Walter and aims to nail dvavbyvtsya.

Unhappy Married (Patrick Wilson) was a human cases zacharavanyu (Marsan), a suspect in the murder of his wife and began to imagine bahwaitu, to kill his wife.

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