Folder Lock 7 Download Torrent

Folder Lock 7 Download Torrent

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Folder Lock is an excellent and comprehensive lock program folder.

If you have folders or files that you want to keep a secret, you should check the Lock Folder. This is not a free app like My Lockbox, but has a variety of configuration options and formasmanter many important documents and confidentialfrom prying eyes.

How does it work?

Folder Lock offers several variantiv.Po Firstly, integrated with Windows Explorer, so that if the file or block cartafoldesexa znaystsii simply right-click. Thus, the ability to block or destroy. When you open the program interface, you’ll have loadsmore features, including the ability to lock and encrypt files, protect USBvaras, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM and e-mail attachments are encrypted.

What other features are there?

Folder Lock is diysnohnuchka program and offers much more than bloqueocartafol. In addition, you can create an encryptedvirtual wallet to store things like addresses and bank details and backup vsihyago encrypted data in the cloud. Folder Lock configuration settings as well and, obviously, a password-protected.


Folder Lock is a great program. There are plenty of log foldersdodatkivtam free, but many of them do not have many possibilities and ease of use. Download it and try – I think you’ll like.

dobradorBloqueo protection wonderful application folder. We strongly.

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