RapidTyping 5.2 download

RapidTyping 5.2 download

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Being fast and accurate in writing is becoming increasingly important in the world of computers and devices today. With RapidTyping you can easily customize printing.

RapidTyping includes a series of simple exercises so that you can create writing art without always focusing on the keyboard. This app lets you teach some of the letters that are close to each other in the keyboard, and also show the right to use for each song. Finally, your subjects are presented with colorful figuresTo show themInformation about your performance and improve.

The link in RapidTyping is odd, since it incorporates images and background images that can be very angry. Fortunately you can turn off both health and use white background background during your lesson.

About Invitations, subjects included in RapidTyping are basic based; They include mail groups and do not include the original word or sentence In the top, you can create your own subjects, and try yourself with the actual custom Text.

ToRapidTyping can easily improve accuracy and typing speed.


Additional languageArabic interface

Fixed and left-left text orientation in the Arabic and Hebrew keyboard layout

The visual bug stays with a picture in the lesson window on video cards

Removed a common voice on the Shift key

Update traditional language for traditional interface

Bosnia’s interface language is updated

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