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Tango is a complementary video and voice chat lets you chat with other people using their mobile phones

free calls to users of tango

Looks like WhatsApp and Skype, Tango use your computer to connect to users of Android and iPhone. If your friendsTango have their smartphones with data plans or WiFi, you can call the phone for free from the comfort of your computer.

As usual, a mobile version

PCvInterfeys Tango version identical to versiyatatelefon skin default to resemble the iPhone. It is not desired, youTo change this setting in the skin.

With tango. Make your phone number and the number of friends who want chamar.A From there, it is only a click away from a simple conversation.

Great sound and video

Video and audio quality is impressive in Tango, although this mayvary depending on the device and controls zluchenni.Tango also very simple. parámetrosnos can determine how to klasifitsiratkontaktite, you can customize your webcam, change skin and Tango for updates. Unfortunately, you can not do much more,setting.

Ideal for users of tango

grazasa capacity for video and audio chat with friends smartphones from the comfort of your computer, tango is a useful addition to communications applications.

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